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As cancer survivors we build strong bonds and sometimes, new friendships... We need all the support we can get and it’s in the giving and receiving of our time and information that we become stronger.

Call from a woman who found info about FFL on the resources page for the Shoreline Hike for Hope in California – how did that happen?

My sister in law was diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer 3 years ago and I think that is when I found your site. I was searching for a mentor for her, or at least a story of someone beating it to give her hope. I spoke to someone at Friend for life at that time, and it helped. I may have found it on the internet or a friend may have shared your phone # with me, I don't recall. Either way, I am so grateful for your network!

E-mail from a volunteer whose wife is experiencing a recurrence of her cancer, with metastasis:

I just wanted to thank you for your support 11 years ago and the ongoing support you organize for thousands of people. You have made this world a better place. Never forget that.

Recently matched caregiver and patient:

[Your volunteer] called today and was a wonderful help. I'm going to have her talk with my mom once all the treatments are planned. I'm also contacting LCA about their phone buddy system. Thank you for this amazing program. Positive reinforcements make a world of difference.

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